Thursday, March 31, 2011

and the packages keep coming...

Got another package in the Mail... I really look forward to getting the mail now..even the bills don't look so bad when there is a wonderful package waiting to be opened....

so here is the newest package

and look what ws inside that box...this is from Tins and Treasures.. Thank you Natalie
I wish you could all see the tin can and the paint color. It is just beautiful and it was full of all these goodies. My daughter quickly spotted the peeps.Thank you again Natalie

Monday, March 28, 2011

more packages and our weekend.

Happy Monday Blog friends, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I am going to start this post with... Yup you guessed it, more packages. How blessed am I to have won the PAFA team giveaway. So here is a package from Saturday, forgot the picture of the package, I was excited and just opened it

Look at this beautiful Pillow, isn't it wonderful. Ronda Tedder at Simple Thyme Prims did a great Job

Then this package came in from Trish Camillo and look what is inside...I won her giveaway for the spring wreath. It is just beautiful

Here it is, the colors are beautiful and that bunny is so darn cute

Sunday here in Maine was Maple syrup Sunday so we got up early and headed to a small maple sugar house in Gorham, Maine

It was freezing outside, inside smelled like Heaven

getting ready to add more wood to the sap boiler

gotta keep that fire hot for the sap

samples of ice cream and fresh maple syrup

Here is the outside of the shack... it is a really cute building 
Then even though it was freezing, we decided to go to the beach to look at the ocean and get some Pier fries for lunch.. It is so worth the drive for those pier fries.. YUMMO!!!

Not sure what was up with my camera, these pictures are soooo bright, it was very sunny out but these are just so bright
Kennedy wrote her name in the sand, we were all freezing and she was ready to play in the water, crazy girl...

I hope you all had a great weekend as well.

Friday, March 25, 2011

we have been busy

I have been so busy painting as my husband is building... we have orders to fill and they seem to be never ending. I have paint tables set up all over the place trying to get it all done..I thought I would share some pictures of what got done so far this week.
Here is a coffee table, all black and distressed. I am a big fan of black distressed pieces.
here is another coffee table with a stained top, that is how the customer wanted it. I like it but prefer the all black look

lots and lots of peg racks

These are our primitive shelves, the will have black hooks put on the bar in the middle, they are a great seller

just a coupe more primitive shelves. This black one will have rusty hooks put on, it looks so nice, I will need to take a picture with the hooks on

Peg shelves in all sorts of colors

a couple small cupboards, we call these medicine cabinets, Paul needs to put the hinges on

and my flowers, these will be all over the outside of the shop, makes it feel like spring

some paper towel holders, need to distress and put the poll in to hold the roll of towels.

last but not least, some bowl racks...

so that was this weeks projects... can't wait to see what he builds for next week.
Have a great weekend, It is maple syrup Sunday here in Maine this weekend. We will be going to visit sugar shacks to try their maple syrup...YUMMO!!!

more Packages!!! Woo Hoo

Got some more packages.. this truly is just like Christmas. For once I actually look forward to seeing the Mail lady.
So here are my newest goodies. Again, the pictures do not do justice. in person the workmanship of all the pieces I have gotten is just amazing.
so here is package one
Just look at these darling bunnies... they are so cute. I love them

a couple more packages

look at this pillow, it is hand painted and so much cuter in person. the colors are so vibrant. and the bunny's look just like choc bunnies. just so cute. my house has never been so decorated for spring.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Mail lady has been busy

Ok, so the wonderful items from the PAFA giveaway have started to arrive. It feels like Christmas opening up all these wonderful items. and I have to tell everyone, the pictures don't do these items any Justice. They are all fantastic and amazing. THANK YOU to everyone

This was Saturdays Mail delivery
and in those wonderful packages were these amazing items.

and these too...

and here is todays delivery from the Mail lady... again the pictures do not do any justice to just how truly wonderful these items are

 I need to get all these sweet items in special spot in my home. very excited to do some spring decorating.
Thank you to everyone who participated in the PAFA Team giveaway. You are all amazing artist and your work is beautiful. I am truly honored to own a piece of your work.

Friday, March 18, 2011

I think I hit the Jackpot....

Ok, so after winning the big PAFA giveaway I thought things couldn't get any better but then I got a phone call.... My brother in law was given access to an old home that is being burned down. He thought my husband and I would like some of the stuff inside. So we went to take a look and we are now the proud owners of 9 or 10 solid old wood doors, a beautiful large wooden door with a paned window on top(love this door) a box full of porcelin doorknobs with the original locks and skeleton key. Old porch railings, old picket fence and so much more... I am not sure what to do with it all but I just couldn't see it all buring in a fire.

so many door knobs
and the doors, there are large ones like this but then there are smaller ones that are about 4 1/2' maybe 5' tall, so cute.

I will have to take pictures of the other door... and all the other goodies.....then everyone can give me suggestions on what to do with all of it.
Have a great weekend

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I won, I won, I won

I can't believe I won the big giveaway... I am so excited. Congrats to all the other winners. This was an amazing giveaway and a big Thank you to all the talented artist that contributed. WOO HOO!!!! Today is a great day....

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A new giveaway at Colleens Craft Shed

Help please

Hello Blog friends,
I need some help... I need to paint a frame and make it look chippy, does anyone have any ideas or know anyone that might know how to make that happen? I am looking for the frame to look like it has been around for a while with the paint chipping away. When I do my primitive furniture I use a sander to get a worn look but that is not giving me the look I need. SO ANY SUGGESTIONS WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED...
Thanks so much, oh and it is sunny and beautiful here in Maine today, I think I can smell spring

Friday, March 11, 2011

Please Pray

Please everyone, take time today to pray for everyone affected by the devistaing Tsunami that has ripped through Japan and threating others as well.
My prayers go out to everyone.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thinking about a trip to PA

Hello Friends
I have been wanting to get to PA for a while now... My husband and I are trying to plan a short trip to get supplies for our small shop. Alot of the wholesales places we buy from are in PA so here is my question, Does anyone have any must see places we should go to while in PA? Do you know of a great shop we should stop at? a great resturant to eat at? I would appreciate and and all suggestions.
Thanks to all