Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter time in Maine

Today is a very snowy day here in Maine... my birds keep coming to the feeder for food but can't get through the snow to get a seed, I am going to have to go clean out the feeders so the little buggers can eat. The kids are out of school for a snow day. My 3 daschounds are not liking the snow very much, when they go out, they disappear below the snow... it is quite comical to watch them. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday.


Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Wow you really got dumped on!
It sure is pretty looking at it from here!
We only got about 6 inches expecting 1 -2 more today, so nothing like what you will be battling!
keep warm & safe

Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

Beautiful pics!! No snow in Texas but I love to see all the pics.

The Wooden Acorn said...

Sabrina, I love your blog. It sure looks cold in Maine, but maybe you will be warmer with the Wool Surprise Giveaway gift.

I just drew your name this evening. I sent you an email, but thought you would see it here for sure through your comments.

Visit my blog and you will see a posting listing the 15 items you won along with pictures

The first I drew on Sat never responded, so I had to a redraw tonight. Congratulations! Contact me asap.


Michelle Palmer said...

Your photographs are beautiful!
Do hope you're staying warm with this latest cold snap!
Wishing you all the best~

Angie Berry said...

Very pretty snow pictures! You are probably sick of it, but I would love to have some more. We've only had a couple of inches so far this winter. Be careful and stay warm!